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KEY STAGE 1 ( 5-7 years )

KEY STAGE 1 – ( PREP 1, PREP 2 )

Following on from the firm foundations put in place in our Early Years provision, our Key Stage 1 curriculum is designed to support children develop the key skills needed to become confident and independent life-long learners.  The strong emphasis on reading, writing and basic maths skills will support them to be able to access all areas of the curriculum in future years.

In our Key Stage 1 classrooms you will find children who are curious, engaged and enthusiastic about learning.  The amazing teaching and support staff put the children firmly at the centre of their learning making sure they are able to make progress which helps them reach their full potential. 


Key stage 1 cover topics such as Florence Nightingale and Toys.

When you come and visit our school, you will experience a Key Stage 1 environment which cultivates young learners, allowing them to grow and develop the essential skills which will set them on a path to becoming enthusiastic and inquisitive learners for life.

children playing in tent, while reading a book
children doing an activity around a table

100% pass rate for secondary school entrance exams 2022/2023

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