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Nature Sculptures ( Key Stage 1 )

Key stage 1 children are learning all about nature sculptures in their art lessons. They worked to identify natural objects and used plasticine to create their own models of their chosen natural object. They used different tools and techniques to manipulate their plasticine and used their fine motor skills to help add detail by scraping, pulling, scratching and etching. We had hedgehogs, spiders, rabbits and even squirrels.


Recycle Monsters ( Kindergarten & Reception )

Kindergarten and Reception children selected some recyclable items to create their very own recycling monster. They chose what colours they wanted to use and was able to use scissors and glue to decorate their monsters and bring them to life.


Solar Ovens ( Prep 3 and 4 )

In science prep 3 and 4 built their own solar ovens, inspired by Maria Telkes. They really enjoyed building the ovens and recording how the temperature increased.

Series Circuits ( 3 and 4 )

In science prep 3 and 4 had an enjoyable lesson constructing their own series circuits to then make a traffic light. We found out about Garrett Morgan, who invented the first traffic light.


Stickman ( Key Stage 1 )

Our Kindergarten and Reception class enjoyed the story of ‘Stickman’, they then walked around our outside area where we collected many sticks and twigs. The children showed high levels of energy and were very excited to use these to create their very own stick people. They thought of their own ideas on how to make the stick people and join their resources together. 


Lights ( 3 and 4 )

Prep 3 and 4 have been busy in DT making battery powered lights, which they designed and constructed extremely well. They applied their Science knowledge about circuits to produce working lights.


Ribbit, Ribbit ( Key Stage 1 )

The children have enjoyed exploring our frog life cycle tuff tray today using new vocabulary learnt to describe the different stages. They were able to use some fantastic adjectives to describe the textures they could feel such as “slimy”, “smooth”, “rough”, “cold” and “squidgy”. They also enjoyed guessing what flavor the jelly was by using their sense of smell.


Sunflower Life Cycle ( Key Stage 1 )

Our Early Years pupils have been learning all about the life cycle of a sunflower.The children have taken part in different activities which have involved describing the different parts of a plant, sequencing a plant’s life cycle and planting their very own sunflowers in recycled yogurt pots to monitor and help them grow.

“From tiny seeds might acorns grow”

Bird Tiles ( Key Stage 2 )

Our Key stage 2 have been studying birds in their art sessions this half term. Along with taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch they have created some clay tiles inspired by the patterns and features of different birds. They then chose a bold colour to paint their tiles to finish the look. Well done, these look wonderful


Under the Sea Weaving ( Key Stage 1 ) 

Our Key Stage 1 have been practising weaving techniques in their DT topic. They used paper weaving to create under the sea backgrounds and added sea creatures decorating them with buttons and sequins to add to the effect.

100% pass rate for secondary school entrance exams 2022/2023

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