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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) applies to children in Kindergarten and Reception Class. At Green Meadow Independent School all children join the Reception classes at the beginning of the school year. Children can join the Kindergarten the term after their 3rd birthday and we have three intakes, September, January and April. The EYFS is a very important part of your child’s education and development, and during these years most basic skills and attitudes to learning and socialising are established.

The Kindergarten class is similar to our Pre-School 2 room within our attached nursery, First Steps, however children within our Kindergarten class will have the additional benefits of focussed teaching during the morning and afternoon concentrating on mathematics, English, linking letters and sounds, phonics, reading and writing. All children within the Kindergarten class will wear the Green Meadow uniform and adhere to Green Meadow School’s terms and conditions.

The Kindergarten class will be within the nursery building and the room has been completely renovated over the past few months and all new equipment and resources have been bought. The room is linked by an undercover play area to the Reception Class at Green Meadow; this will allow the children to flow between the classrooms as they get ready to make the transition to Reception Class. This will allow them to be familiar with the class teacher and the teaching assistant.

Children who attend the kindergarten class will automatically progress to our Reception Class within Green Meadow School as they have a guaranteed place. Joining the Kindergarten Class will mean that you are committing to joining Green Meadow School and therefore will alleviate any parent’s fears over their child getting into Green Meadow Independent School. Any child who attends First Steps Nursery will have a priority place within the Kindergarten and School.

100% pass rate for secondary school entrance exams 2022/2023

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