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Happy St Patrick’s Day

Today our pupils in Early years have been learning all about St Patrick and why he’s the patron saint of Ireland. The children enjoyed ordering some gold coins to either spell

their names or order numbers. If you celebrated St Patrick’s day we hope you had a lovely time.


Chines New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

This week our pupils in Early years have enjoyed learning all about the Lunar new year. Developing their fine motor skills the children enjoyed using chopsticks to pick up pipe cleaners and pom poms as well as having a go at creating different numbers.

In the afternoon our pupils have enjoyed continuing their fine motor development as they painted and created a fan to take home.

From all of us here at Green Meadow to any families celebrating this weekend

kung hei fat choi

Burn's Night


Wishing a Happy Burn's Night to all those celebrating! Enjoy your haggis, neeps and tatties! Prep 1/2 and Kindergarten enjoyed learning all about the festivities and making sporrans (to use as handbags of course!)




Today our pupils in Early Years enjoyed joining in with a whole school assembly about ‘Epiphany’ lead by Mrs Hackett. The children were able to recall key events about why this is celebrated at this time of year. After the assembly our pupils were able to use the scissors and glue to create their very own crown just like the Three wise men to take home. They all enjoyed exploring the different materials and enjoyed looking at their reflections in the shiny card and foil.



Christmas Play


This Christmas our children performed the Christmas play for their parents. The children did a wonderful job as they performed their lines, actions and songs as they told a Christmas tale. Well done to everyone, this really helped to put us in the Christmas spirit.


Christmas Dinner


Here are some of our pupils looking very festive today in their Christmas jumpers why they tooked into a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by our wonderful cook.


Christmas At Elmridge Court


Today our pupils enjoyed a Christmas visit over to our local residential home to perform their Christmas play, sing Christmas songs and take them some yummy mince pies.

The children did an amazing performance and even had the resistances joining in and singing along to some of the songs.


Bonfire Night


We hope all our pupils and their families have a happy and safe weekend as we approach bonfire night. Our Prep 2 pupils have written a couple safety rules to help ensure you stay safe this bonfire night.

halloween 2_edited.jpg


For Halloween our pupils have enjoyed exploring our very own little pumpkin patch within school. All our pupils looked fabulous in their party clothes and costumes as they enjoyed a delicious party lunch and enjoyed a special afternoon movie treat. We also decorated the pumpkins and had the parents chose their favorites.




This week we have been celebrating the Jewish religious festival of Sukkot. The whole school has found out about the 4 kind and what a sukkah is. We have worked collaboratively to make a sukkah, which we decorated with leaves, paper chains and lanterns.


Rosh Hashanah


Today in our Kindergarten and Reception class we’ve been learning about the Jewish festival of ‘Rosh Hashanah’. The children joined in with a group discussion as we discussed how and why this important festival is celebrated. The children were able to make their own connections to their own faiths and beliefs as discussed some similarities. To finish off the day, our pupils created their very own ‘Shofar’ to take home.

colou 2_edited.jpg


Happy Holi to all the families who will be celebrating. Today we learnt that Holi is know as the festival of colour. Our pupils in our Kindergarten and Reception class have had great fun today exploring the different colours they can create with paint whilst using them in different ways.

Burns Night


Today the pupils in our Kindergarten and Reception class have enjoyed making Scottish flags to celebrate Burns Night. They learnt all about Robert Burns and how he was a very famous Scottish poet.

chinese new year.jpg

Happy Chinese New Year

This week the children in our Early Years class have taken part in different tasks related to Chinese New Year. They’ve listened to the story of Chinese New Year and how the different animals are celebrated each year. They’ve discussed how people celebrate Chinese New Year and how some things are similar to festivals and celebrations we may celebrate at home with our families.

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