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Autumn Term 2023

SpringTerm 2024

SummerTerm 2024

Autumn Term 2024









Spring Term 2025


Summer Term 2025









Bank Holidays 2023 - 2024

Bank Holidays 2024 - 2025












The dates above are the official school holidays. Parents should note that taking Holidays at times other than these can be extremely disruptive to a child’s education. Holidays are expected to be taken during school holidays and not taken in school time. Any absence must be authorised by the headteacher/deputy head and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.



          Open                 Tuesday 5th September 2023

          Half Term        Monday 16th October – Friday 27th October 2023


          Closed               Wednesday 20th December 2023

          Open                 Wednesday 3rd January 2024

          Half Term        Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February 2024


          Closed               Tuesday  2nd April 2024

          Open                 Monday 15th April 2024

          Half Term        Tuesday 28th May – Friday 7th June 2024


          Closed               Friday 19th July 2024

          Closed               Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 December 2023

          Closed               Monday 1st January 2024


          Closed               Friday 29th March - Monday 1st April 2024

          Closed               Monday 6th May 2024

          Closed               Monday 26th May 2024

          Open                 Tuesday 3rd September 2024

          Half Term        Monday 21st October – Friday 25th October 2024


          Closed               Thursday 19th December 2024

          Open                 Monday 6th January 2025

          Half Term        Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February 2025


          Closed               Monday  7th April 2025

          Open                 Tuesday 18th April 2025

          Half Term        Tuesday 27th May – Monday 9th June 2025


          Closed               Monday 21st July 2025

          Closed               Monday 2nd September

          Closed               Wednesday 1st January 2025


          Closed               Friday 18th March - Monday 21st April 2025

          Closed               Monday 5th May 2025

          Closed               Monday 26th May 2025

100% pass rate for secondary school entrance exams 2022/2023

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