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Green Meadow School provides an excellent curriculum for pupils of all ages, including those in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The planning for pupils’ learning is based on excellent schemes of work which set out the learning objectives for them across the full range of required subjects.



We want all our children to experience success and enjoy their learning whilst at school. We aim to achieve this through our excellent high standards of learning and teaching within a happy, structured and caring environment.

Green Meadow has developed a real strength in the development of meaningful documentation which provides the basis for very effective teaching and learning. Through a variety of teaching methods and strategies, we aim to instil children with an enthusiasm for learning and prepare them for future school life. The quality of teaching is outstanding and enables pupils to make excellent progress in their learning across a wide range of subjects.

The quality of teaching is strong and enables pupils to make excellent progress in their learning across a wide range of subjects. The quality of teacher’s planning is excellent throughout the school. The school has a systematic and successful approach to lesson planning which provides secure support for staff, and which is consistently reviewed in the light of teacher’s responses. The target for pupils to achieve in each lesson are clearly identified and shared with the pupils.

In the Early Years there is an appropriate balance between focused learning and extensive opportunities for continuous learning in the stimulating classroom and outdoor environments. Teachers throughout the school have excellent skills in questioning pupils and adding deeper layers of learning to ensure that they are challenged sufficiently at all times. There is much focused conversation illustrating how pupils understand what they are doing and testing their imaginative ideas.

Arrangements for the assessment of pupil’s progress are exemplary. The head teacher places a strong emphasis on ensuring that no child is left behind as a result of insufficient challenge or support.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 learning, the curriculum at Green Meadow Independent School aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop and enjoy learning through stimulating planned lessons. We build on pupils’ strengths, interests and experiences and develop their capacity to learn and work both independently and collaboratively. By providing a rich and varied programme the pupils are able to apply knowledge and understanding to make informed judgments and decisions.

100% of pupils from Green Meadow Independent School passed their 11+ entrance examinations within the academic year 2018/2019.

The academic programme at Green Meadow Independent School is designed to accommodate a wide range of ability and backgrounds. Our pupil/teacher ratio is generous, allowing for small classes and consequently a great deal of individual attention. Pupils are regularly assessed to highlight their strengths and need for extra support. Teaching methods will combine the best of traditional approaches with modern resources such as interactive white boards. Children are encouraged to achieve their full potential through our understanding of their individual learning styles and through extension work.

The core subjects of English, Mathematics, ICT and Science are taught by experienced teachers, providing a high quality education in a caring and supportive environment. Our enriched curriculum will focus on basic learning, reading, writing, handwriting, spelling and grammar in Literacy and number, shape, measures, data-handling and problem solving in Mathematics.

100% pass rate for secondary school entrance exams 2022/2023

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